em microelectronic

EM Microelectronic

I have been the UK and Ireland representative for EM Microelectronic for more than 10 years. EM Microelectronic are a Swiss semiconductor manufacturer and part of the Swatch Group who are the largest watch manufacturer in the world.

EM specialise in the design and manufacture of ultra low power semiconductors which are ideal for battery powered applications. Products offered range from RFID chips for tags to Beacons, displays, BLE Controllers, RTCs and microcontrollers. They will also develop a lower power ASIC for high volume projects.

The support from EM is very good and I can organise conference calls, meetings and visits to their factory in Marin if in depth discussion with their engineers is required.

If you have an opportunity for an ultra low power semiconductor, then please contact me. For more information regarding EM Microelectronic please visit www.emmicroelectronic.com.

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